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Yemeni Community Association (Sublime quran pocket size)


Yemeni Community Association

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The refusal to pay a 7 % is a minimal sacrifice that should be done by every Eritrean who stands for justice. You don’t need any high school certificate from Eritrea to go to school in the United Sates, for example, if you want to go to college. All you have to do is show your capacity of English and Mathematics. If you are smart enough you can challenge the courses and the school will place you in your proper class. So, you don’t need to pay any money to continue your education. Most of the youth who are fleeing Eritrea are middle school and high school graduates. Those certificates are useless in other countries. It is your knowledge that matters.

The Jewish Ritual Murder. - Answering Christianity

Masonic Service Association, Three Degrees and Great Symbols of Freemasonry, This book adroitly reveals the majesty of the symbolism of the first three degrees and how the symbolism aids the initiate to Build the Temple. 666 pages, ISBN 6-56959-595-8, $

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Pike, Albert, Irano-Aryan Faith and Doctrine as Contained in the Zend-Avesta, He (Pike) knew that the Proto-Aryans and the Indo-Aryans were our physical, linguistic and philosophical ancestors and he knew that the monotheistic Irano-Aryans were our religious, religio-philosophical and spiritual ancestors and with his transcendent genius he places before our mental vision the habitat, migrations and early pre-historic history of these our ancestors. 767 pages, ISBN 6-56959-686-6, $

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Many thanks for the well written article where you have captured the essence of Akhria uprising and its wider implications as well.

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Skylanders invented the “toys to life” category that Disney and Nintendo, which is releasing its own Amiibo figures this year, have now entered. Trap Team is another fine entry in the series, but its tablet edition is its boldest innovation. Now you can play Skylanders even if you don’t own a video game console (although a newer tablet will allow for a much better play experience). The starter pack for the tablet edition includes a Bluetooth controller. People have been waiting for Apple to introduce a video game console. Maybe it already has.

The damage this regime is causing to the generation is tremendous, it 8767 s not only the physical abuse they put them through, but the psychological war they are waging. They wanted Eritreans to be hopeless and forget what we stood for and rather become selfish robots who do not think for out neighbors and our people.

Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer, What Will He Do With It?, Describes the Social Manners, Habits, and Amusements of the English People. 988 pages, ISBN 5-7666-5788-9, $

Dear Berhe
it seems i am peeling your views one by one , You said look at russia and also you used many ifs to come to your dream of TPLA of sea access , I have a very good news for you sir , Eritrea will be protected even by 85 years old because that is what we did before , second i want to assure you that the Djubuiti is adding a tarfi for more money to their pocket by charging more from Ethiopian consumers. So the sea thing is off the table sir , you just exposed yourself.

May be sudan and uganda, but investing in dubai where businesses start with hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions, it is not the type of money one expects from an eritrean or ethiopian immigrant.