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In full-time mode, you will learn through a combination of online exercises, digital marketing workshops, presentations and lab tutorials. These comprise of a mix of group study, discussion, simulation and presentations of findings by teams and individuals. You will work as an individual and also as part of a team on case studies, team activities, presentations and discussions.

Marketing in Western Europe - Best Masters

The variety of different Master programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular Master degrees listed below.

How I Ditched My Science Degree for a Marketing Career

The Desktop Support Certificate offers coursework in the technologies and methods necessary to provide technical support to information technology and computer system users. Students will learn the customer support aspects of personal computer desktop software applications, computer hardware and software according to the A+ body of knowledge, including diagnosis and solutions.

Master of International Marketing | Hult International

The first person you speak with at the university will be your Enrollment Counselor, an expert in your degree program who can explain all the requirements and expectations in more detail. You can also read more about each course in the Program Guide.

This course introduces students to the various functional areas within an organization (. marketing, production, finance, etc.) that support a firm’s overall business objectives.

Today’s marketing and communication leaders understand there’s more to marketing than just the message. What also matters are the things consumers think, feel and do. Smart marketers leverage the thoughts, behaviors and actions of their target market to create uniquely memorable brands and build fiercely loyal customers. Franklin’s . Marketing & Communication degree program prepares you to lead the way while also cultivating high-performance teams and monitoring market share, volume and ROI.

Once I graduated and got my chemistry degree (it’s still enclosed in an envelop somewhere), I jumped straight into studying marketing day and night. I slowly made my way into small jobs that gave me opportunities to grow and slowly moved up. Now I’m working at an amazing digital marketing agency.

While some masters programs can take just two semesters to complete, the most typical length of a masters program is two years, and some can take as long as six years. It all depends on your field of study and on how many courses you take each semester.

I admit, the up front pay of those entry-level jobs was nice and, for a time, I did apply for those type of chemistry jobs. Ironically, I only got two interviews, neither of which hired me.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the fastest growth in jobs through 7575 is projected in occupations that require a masters degree, including health care and social service occupations. For example, the professions of family therapist and mental health counseling both require a masters degree.