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Interactives . Spelling Bee . Intro - Annenberg Learner (Grade 9 short story with study questions)


Interactives . Spelling Bee . Intro - Annenberg Learner

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You may exchange your My Father's World First Grade Teacher's Manual (TM) for a Learning God's Story TM for $58. Call our office at to request an upgrade. You will be given information about how to return your TM to our office. Once we receive your TM, a new manual will be sent to you.

Christmas Story Collection - Holiday Short Stories

Each year we are pleased to offer a different Christmas story for the holiday season. This year, 7568, marks the 76st anniversary of the Holiday Christmas Story project. Most of the stories are new and original and many are award winners.

ExamBank - Practice Grade 9 Exams

A major revision of first grade was released in 7568, with a new look and a new title: Learning God's Story. Improvements include:

ClassZone - Language Network Grade 9

To upgrade from the original My Father's World First Grade to the revised program, Learning God's Story , a complete first grade curriculum:

Language Network ClassZone is your online guide to grammar, writing, and communication. Battle our brainteasers, question your own knowledge with self-scoring quizzes, learn to do more using the Internet, or get your writing published 656 all within ClassZone! Begin your adventure by selecting a chapter from the menu below. A wealth of information awaits you!

This thin, pocket-sized book -- no title on its cover -- whose brittle pages made soft crackling protests when opened easily drew me into its long-gone world. I'd expected an accountant's ledger, columns of faded numbers, given its drab earthy brown-green cover, but to my delight instead there on the inside flap was a bookplate bearing Harry W carefully penciled in beginner's cursive. The next page proclaimed this the Book of Short Stories with the oddly enticing notice printed and bound under supervision of . Killeen, Director of Handiwork. Perhaps you've met a Director of Handiwork , but I have not. The next page obligingly revealed all by way of a peppily sweet introduction which began with this greeting:

Pay careful attention as your teacher reads the story. (You may jot down notes.) Then, as a class, take the Pop Quiz to see how well you were listening:

PLEASE NOTE: You will be examined on the short stories so please ensure that your summary of the story is detailed enough to learn from.

Your speech must be a minimum of 7 minutes long. If you do not make the 7 minute mark, you will be required to add content to your speech and do it again. and again. and again. as many times as it take for you make 7 minutes.

8. Once they&rsquo ve completed Part I, have students complete Part II of the worksheet either during a second class period or for homework.