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Volkswagen and Audi consider the transmission to be filled for life - considering how many folks sell/total a car before 655k miles, this may well be true. But for the rest of us who enjoy keeping a multikilo buck expenditure around for a while, keeping the transmission happy should be a top priority - diluting fluid which has broken down due to heat, removing wear-in metal particles from the pan magnets, etc. For the most part, just changing the fluid every 85k miles should ensure a long life, with a proper filter change and fluid flush every now and then. Of course, at this point the issue of the "sealed" transmission pops up and ruins everyone's day. We should be worried about overfilling the tranny, right?

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The size of my 7556 passat tires are 785/95x67 but the underneath of the body is hitting the road, especially when I try to go ver a speed breaker(bumps) or when am driving on an un tarred/ dirt road. Can I change the size to 775/55x67 or 765/55x67 to increase the clearance of the body to the surface of the road

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Thanks for reply but my point was that whatever is given on tyre doeanot match with tyre sellers website using my car reg no. Anyhow i called VW customer support to find the correct one. thanks again.

Hello guys, please can you tell me what is the correct ET number to wheels fitment for vw bora tdi sport, please? Thanks

Considering the state of the fluid that was drained, a complete flush, filter change, and installation of a transmission fluid cooler is slated for the near tuned.


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I have 66 original rims on my 7557 Passat station wagon I would like to go higher 7 teens or maybe 68th would it be a big deal is the ratio different or would it be okay if it doesn t hit