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i want to buy honda accord 95 with automatic gears. but i dont know the difference of cost of repair of automatic gear and manual gear. if it is not significant, i shall go for automatic. what do u suggest.

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Hi, I am opting for A-Star Auto..could anyone pls let me know wats the mileage expected in is it of high maintenance car?Regular Servicing cost in comparison to Manual one?

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[ ] India has launched the Ford Fiesta 7567 automatic transmission model in India on 78th Feb 7567 in New Delhi. We attended the launch and brought you a detailed [ ]

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I am little confused for what best suit for me automatic or manual as I am 95 year old with no driving skill. Please suggest..

I just completed my driving classes and I am pretty comfortable with driving now. I am thinking of buying a car. I am confused whether to go for manual or automatic transmission cars. If I buy an Automatic transmission cars, will it be an issue to drive a manual car later? I have heard that in city traffic automatic cars are more convenient.
Would like to hear a good suggestion.

There are basically three types of Automatic transmission available in India which are CVT,DSG and AMT. The AMT is the most cost effective and fuel efficient and most of the car in India provide AMT. So please update your knowledge and then update your blog.

Im planning to buy innova crysta. But confused to select which one between the automatic and manual. Im very much convinced with the automatic variant but i cannot make a choice precisely because the automatic variant in innova is the new variant, im afraid that i dont know how the automatic gear box performs and its life and most commonly occurning problems in the automatic variant. I want to know what will be the maintanance cost if anything goes wrong with the automatic gear box.

[ ] be pretty competitive and approx Ex-Showroom price in Delhi should be around Rs. Lakhs for a manual transmission variant. Its not clear as yet whether an Automatic transmission model will be launched or not, but [ ]

Sir, I am left leg above knee amputee. I am looking for AT cars. Would u suggest which Brand is best in terms of fuel consumption,, efficiency and low cost maintenance. Ur suggestion will be fruitful to all like me.

With ATs, at stop lights you have to keep your foot on the brake pedal otherwise the start keeps rolling forward. Just how uncomfortable is that? This was so strange to me the first time I drove an automatic that I slowly rear ended the car in front at the lights:) (In case you are wondering I spend 6 years driving standards and 7 years driving automatics.)