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SUZUKI RM125 OWNER'S SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download. (07 rm 125 manual)



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68-7 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM CAUTIONS IN SERVICING CONNECTOR x7577 When connecting a connector, be sure to push it in until a click is felt. Click x7577 Inspect the connector for corrosion, contamination and break- age in its cover. COUPLER Click x7577 With a lock type coupler, be sure to release the lock when dis- connecting, and push in fully to engage the lock when con- necting.

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66-9 FRONT FORK AND STEERING REMOVAL x7577 Place the motorcycle on a block to lift front wheel off the ground. x7577 Remove the front wheel. ( xF58A 69-8) x7577 Remove the protector 6. x7577 Remove the front number plate band. x7577 Remove the handlebars. ( xF58A 66-68) x7577 .

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FRONT FORK AND STEERING 66-66 SLIDE BUSHING AND GUIDE BUSHING Inspect the x756C teflon coating metals x756D (slide bushing and guide bushing) for wear or damage. If they are worn or damaged, replace them with new ones. Inspect the metal particles on the x756C teflon coating metals x756D . If they are not clean, clean them with a nylon brush and fork oil.

Suzuki Rm125 Manual 92

COOLING SYSTEM 67-7 x7577 Press the bearing with the special tool. xF57A 59968-75765: Bearing installer set NOTE: When installing the bearing the stamped mark on the bearing must face outside. x7577 Hold the water pump shaft with a wrench and tighten the impeller to the specified torque.

MACHINE TUNING 9-7 JUDGING AIR/FUEL MIXTURE INCLUDED PARTS AND OPTIONAL PARTS For proper carburetor tuning, it is necessary to Main jet know how to judge the air/fuel mixture made in the Air/fuel carburetor whether too rich, too lean or properly SIZE P/NO mixture.

9-9 GEARSHIFTING x7577 Remove the gearshift cam bolt 9 and stopper plate 5. x7577 Remove the gearshift arm stopper bolt A and washer. x7577 Remove the gearshift cam stopper B and spring C. x7577 Remove the gearshift return spring D by removing the snap ring.

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE 7-9 xF556 xF575 WARNING New and used oil and solvent can be hazardous. Chil- dren and pets may be harmed by swallowing new or used oil or solvent. Repeated, prolonged contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer. Brief contact with used oil or solvent may irritate skin.

WARNINGS FOR SERVICING xF556 WARNING xF556 WARNING Never run the engine indoors or in a Fuel can catch on fire if you do not handle garage. Exhaust gas contains carbon mon- it properly. Gasoline vapors can catch fire oxide, a gas that is colorless and odorless easily.

MACHINE TUNING 9-9 FRONT FORK TUNING The front fork compression and rebound damping force, and oil level are adjustable for rider x7569 s preference, rider x7569 s weight and course condition. NOTE: * Break-in new front forks before attempting adjustment. * Be sure to adjust both right and left front forks equally. * Inspect the following items before attempting adjustment.

67-66 REAR SUSPENSION x7577 Apply grease to the bearings. xF576 99555-75565: SUZUKI SUPER GREASE x756C A x756D (or equivalent grease) INSTALLATION x7577 Reassemble the following parts into the swingarm. 6 Oil seal 5 Washer 7 Spacer 6 Dust seal 8 Washer 7 Spacer 9 Thrust bearing x7577 .