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Swinger Party (Soiree sexxxy)


Swinger Party

Дата публикации: 2017-10-23 04:04

This never has been a friend of mine. Must be the combination of anise and honey together with lots of tuberose.
A headache bomb.

Cure: a long hot bath.

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Despite being a perfume addict this is one perfume that I really,really dislike. I can detect it within a 5 mile radius (well- perhaps I exagerate) but it gives me a headache & it seems to stay in my senses for hours. It's a shame because it is very long lasting & distinctive & I know lots of people love it, but sorry, this one's not for me.

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This was my signature scent all through college. People told me they could tell it was me coming before they saw me because they could smell me. I always got compliments. I don't own it anymore but for four years I was obsessed with it.

Poison Christian Dior perfume - a fragrance for women 1985

Today I tried Poison for the first time since 6995 when I was a teen and used to wear it to go clubbing.
I can't believe it. It is a completely different perfume.
The reformulation totally ruined it. It's outrageous.
First of all, it is much, much weaker, miles away from the powerhouse it used to be.
Second, the smell has nothing to do with pre-reformulation Poison. I don't even remember exactly how it smelt, but I know for sure that it wasn't like this. I could not recognize one single note.
Now I just get a kool aid-like synthetic scent. Totally childish, unidimensional, boring and cheap.
Stay away from this, for if you didn't know it back then, you certainly will not know it now.
Terribly disappointing.

A wierd classic. Everyone must smell Poison. But I don't know if it's still love sometimes to smell this at home but I don't feel confortable wearing this outside.

At the beginning it smells very strong and spicy, like a plum brandy with a bit of anise and incense - not really inviting nor feminine scent, but intriguing. Later it softens, nice vanilla can be detected, plum gets sweeter, woody notes come into play, but it remains very dark and mysterious. 655% night perfume, very unique with great lasting power. But for me it's a "no".

Poison is indeed a complex perfume. I used this a lot during the late eighties, maybe also at the wrong occasions, but it is truly original. This is one of those perfumes that you can easily detect on someone else, it can't be mistaken for anything else. I think this takes a more grown-up woman to wear, it sends out very strong signals. I still love it though I haven't used it for some time apart from a "test" recently. A true winter parties scent, this won't go unnoticed!

This is a lovely smoky creamy frosty mysterious fragrance. It's floral but its also fruity. The woody and resinous notes make it sophisticated not overpowering green. It's a strong fragrance that lasts all day. I love it but don't identify myself with it. For someone that is into more grown up-exotic type of scents. This is perfect for this time of year. Winter/nights.

From the Poisons this and Midnight Poison are my favorites.

Ok, when we talk about longevity, we certainly talk about Poison by Dior. It lasts for eternity!
My aunt wore it a decade ago, still wears it and i love it on her! It's not my type of fragrance though, 'cause it's really heavy and in my opinion, only for winter nights and special occasions.
I definitely wouldn't recommend it for girls/ladies.

Nope. Sorry, Poison, but this isn't going to work. A previous reviewer said it "smells like someone shoved a bunch of flowers into a bowl of Smucker's and threw in a grenade." That's a pretty good approximation of what I get for the first few hours. As with most obnoxiously sweet and strong scents, the base is more attractive and approachable, but that opening - phew. Jammy floral overload.