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Preston, the therapy dog, gives comfort at Nassar (Dog log journal of the wild dogs)


Preston, the therapy dog, gives comfort at Nassar

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Every St. Patrick's Day, some plumbers from Chicago dye the river. Time

Man mauled by dog on Delta flight couldn't escape, says

Among tomato products, I tried tomato paste, sauce and puree. But I found that ketchup works fine. But not much tomato is needed — just enough to moisten and color the meat, and add a touch of flavor.

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If your dog has a seizure while your are driving, you should safely pull over to the side of the road as soon as possible. If you give your dog medication after a seizure (Rescue Remedy, PB, liquid valium, valium tablets, etc.) you should keep them in a special place that can be easily reachable by you.

- Never leave an epileptic dog alone near any water deep enough to drown in. If you need to, investigate getting a doggy lifevest for your dog.

Efforts to reach Mundy, who was not charged , have been unsuccessful. A police report said Mundy was a military service member who &ldquo advised that the dog was issued to him for support.&rdquo

Third, a few spices go a long way. A plain chili that tastes mostly of meat with a slight chili flavor really serves the dog best. The chili, after all, is supposed to be a condiment.

- Prop a large piece of styrofoam insulation against a sliding glass door if you are afraid of your dog hitting against it.

A new study finds 6 in 65 parents worry they’re not creating enough family memories, and many kids are noticing. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the story. Buzz65

Shocking moments captured from inside a Southwest Airlines flight show a toddler and her family kicked off the plane against their will. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the story. Buzz65