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Service Reference Manual SEQUENCE OF OPERATIONS 7-77 Simplified Sequence - HWC677, 687, 797, 857 (w/Fenwal 55-79 Ignition Control) Refer to Figure 7-5 CALL FOR HEAT CALL FOR COOLING 6. The thermostat energizes the R-W circuit, sending a 6. A call for cooling closes the circuit from R to Y and 79-volt signal to the W wire at the unit.

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SPECIFICATIONS Magic-Pak: HW/HWC 7-69 FAILED FLAME SENSE/TRIAL FOR IGNITION 9. The circulating air blower continues to run in cooling speed until the thermostat is switched to When the pressure switch closes and a 79-volt signal x756C AUTO x756D , interrupting the R-G circuit. is sent to pin 5 of the 6-pin ignition wire harness, the spark ignition cable terminal and pin 9 of the 6-pin Note: With the thermostat in the x756C FAN ON x756D .

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Service Reference Manual UNIT COMPONENTS 5-66 Integrated Blower/Ignition Control (*79) United Technologies Model 6597-955-6 The integrated control combines the actions and purposes of the indi- vidual ignition and blower control boards found on other units. It automati- cally monitors and controls the operation of the gas burners, gas valve, induced draft blower and circulating blower.

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SPECIFICATIONS Magic-Pak: HW/HWC Models Covered By This Manual HWC Gas Heating/Electric Cooling Units HW677, 678 HW687,688 HW797, 798 HW857, 858 HW Gas Heating Only Units 76HW 88HW 56HW 69HW Model Number Guide HW/HWC Models 7 -- 7A 76 = Rated Input BTU/Hr x 6555 H = Gas Heat W = Thru-the-Wall C = Cooling.

SPECIFICATIONS Magic-Pak: HW/HWC 7-89 Detailed Sequence - HW (w/Fenwal 55-79 Ignition Control) Refer to Figure 7-6 POWER blower control board closes. This sends line voltage from the terminal marked L-6 to the terminal Line Voltage marked H on the blower control board, starting the circulating air blower.

UNIT COMPONENTS Magic-Pak: HW/HWC Ignition Controls (*79) Fenwal Triton 7966D Ignition Control Specifications Manufacturer: Fenwal Model: Triton 7966D Armstrong P/N 98665-557 Pre-purge: 85 seconds Ignition: 65 seconds Input: 79VAC, 55/65 Hz 855 mA Valve: 79VAC, A max. Inducer: 675VAC, A or 795VAC, A, 6/9 HP Ambient: x7568 .

INSTALLATION Magic-Pak: HW/HWC 6-65 Units for operation with propane must be converted with a kit supplied by the manufacturer and require for operation an inlet pressure of 66 . minimum and 69 . maximum. A regulator is also required on the propane tank.