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2007 Scion tC Excessive Oil Consumption: 42 Complaints (Scion iq manual transmission swap)


2007 Scion tC Excessive Oil Consumption: 42 Complaints

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9-8. Do-it-yourself maintenance Tire inflation pressure x75A5 Tire inflation pressure The recommended cold tire inflation pressure and tire size is dis- played on the tire and loading information label. ( xF5AE P. 859)

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8-6. Using the air conditioning system and defogger x75A5 For quick cooling Turn the temperature control dial to the x756C MAX A/C x756D position and select the recirculated air mode. x75A5 Fogging up of the windows x75CF The windows will easily fog up when the humidity in the vehicle is high. Turning on will dehumidify the air from the outlets and defog the windshield effectively.

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6-8. Adjustable components (seats, mirrors, steering wheel) x75A5 Adjusting the height of the head restraints Make sure that the head restraints are adjusted so that the center of the head restraint is closest to the top of your ears. CAUTION x75A5 .

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9-8. Do-it-yourself maintenance Checking and replacing fuses If any of the electrical components do not operate, a fuse may have blown. If this happens, check and replace the fuses as necessary. STEP Turn the engine switch off. STEP Open the fuse box cover. Engine compartment Push the tabs in and lift the lid off.

Your vehicle has a drum-in-disc type parking brake system. This type of brake system needs bedding-down of the brake shoes periodically or when- ever the parking brake shoes and/or drum are replaced. Have your Scion dealer perform the bedding down.

Each seat belt should be used by one person only. Do not use a seat belt for more than one person at once, including children. x75CF Scion recommends that children be seated in the rear seat and always use a seat belt and/or an appropriate child restraint system. x75CF .

9-8. Do-it-yourself maintenance NOTICE x75A5 Driving on rough roads Take particular care when driving on roads with loose surfaces or pot holes. These conditions may cause losses in tire inflation pressure, reducing the cushioning ability of the tires. In addition, driving on rough roads may cause damage to the tires themselves, as well as the vehicle x7569 s wheels and body.

9-8. Do-it-yourself maintenance Pull out the lamp and turn the STEP lens counterclockwise. Remove the light bulb. STEP STEP When installing, reverse the steps listed. x75A5 Front turn signal/parking lights Turn the steering wheel in the STEP opposite direction of the light to be replaced.

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