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SAMSUNG D880 MANUAL (Samsung d880 manual)



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Unpack Get started Make sure you have each item First steps to operating your phone • Phone Assemble and charge the phone • Travel adapter • Battery • User’s Guide You can obtain various accessories from your local Samsung dealer. The items supplied with your phone and the accessories available at your Samsung dealer may vary, depending on your country or service provider. 6

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Solving Problem a CaLLer Cannot reaCh yoU x7577 Make sure that your phone is switched on. (Press End for more than one second.) x7577 Make sure that you are accessing the correct cellular network. x7577 Make sure that you have not set an incoming call barring option. yoUr voICe IS not hearD at the other enD x7577 .

Samsung D880 Manual Guide

Keep the phone and all its parts, including accessories, out of the reach of small children. aCCeSSorIeS anD BatterIeS Use only Samsung-approved batteries and accessories, such as headsets and Pc data cables. Use of any unauthorised accessories could damage you or your phone and may be dangerous.


Features DUaL SIM MoDe x7577 Take advantage of using two phone numbers without changing SIM cards manually or carrying two phones. CaMera anD CaMCorDer x7577 Use the camera module on your phone to take a photo or record a video. MUSIC PLayer x7577 .

Get started Access menu functions Select an 6. Press a desired soft key. option 7. Press the Navigation keys to move to the next or previous option. 8. Press Select or [OK] to confirm the function displayed or option highlighted. 9.

9. Refermez le couvercle de la carte et verrouillez-le. 5. Replacez la batterie ainsi que son cache. Retirer une carte mémoire 6. Retirez le cache de la batterie et la batterie même, puis soulevez le couvercle de la carte. 7. Faites glisser la carte hors de son logement. 8. Replacez la batterie ainsi que son cache. Au-delà des fonctions téléphoniques Fonctions d'appel, appareil photo, caméscope, lecteur MP8, navigateur WAP et.

Mise en service • Ne touchez pas les extrémités de la carte avec vos doigts ou avec des objets métalliques. Si la carte est sale, essuyezla avec un chiffon doux. • Ne laissez pas les cartes mémoire à la portée d'enfants en bas âge ou d'animaux de compagnie. • Ne placez pas les cartes mémoire dans des endroits où elles risquent d'être soumises à des décharges électrostatiques et/ou à du.

Get started Customise your phone 6. In Idle mode, press Display Menu and select language Settings x7697 Phone settings x7697 Language. 7. Select a language. To change the profile Call ringer properties: melody 6. In Idle mode, press Menu and select Settings x7697 .

Step outside the phone 6. In Idle mode, press Create a Menu and select playlist Music. 7. Press Options and select Add music from a memory location. 8. Press [OK] to select the files you want. 9. Press Options and select Add.

T9 mode To enter a word: 6. Press [7] to [9] to start entering a word. 7. Enter the whole word before editing or deleting characters. 8. When the word displays correctly, press [ ] to insert a space. Otherwise, press [5] to display alternative word choices.