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765 Stats Exhibit 56. Stats Stats Icon on Home Menu Select the Stats icon on the Home Menu [Exhibit 56] to access information about driver performance and fault codes. Stats opens to the Driver Performance tab. The tabs in stats are explained in the table to the left. Function Driver Displays statistics based on idle time, RPM,.

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765 IntelliRoute xAE Exhibit 75. Exhibit 76. 6. Tap the Route tab [Exhibit 75]. Route Preferences Tab Map Preferences Tab 7. Tap to view route options. 8. Tap the option button to be changed. 9. Enter the new settings for the option. 65.

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765 Hours of Service Exhibit 96. the options tab allows you to: Options Tab x7577 Request Logs. Use this button when you want to move your logs from a previous tractor or when you have previous logs that you cannot view. The button brings up a pop-up box that displays the following notice: x756C Those portions of your log that haven x7569 t been received by the back-end may be deleted when your HOS logs are downloaded. x756D .

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765 IntelliRoute xAE Exhibit 77. Find a Point of Interest (PoI) Point of Interest Screen 6. Tap Choose Destination Points of Interest [Exhibit 77]. 7. Select a search type (My truck, City, My Route, End of Day, Destination, Custom PoI, or Quick Stops). 8.

Rand McNally and IntelliRoute are registered trademarks and TND is a trademark of Rand McNally. The Trucker x7569 s Friend and National Truck Stop Directory are registered trademarks of TR information Publishers, Truck Down is a registered trademark of TruckDown Info International, Inc.

765 Hours of Service Exhibit 87. today x7569 s Log Today x7569 s Log Main Screen - Graph Tab The Today x7569 s log button can be accessed on the Summary tab [Exhibit 87, (g)]. Four tabs display across the top of the Today x7569 s log screen [Exhibit 87, (a)]. Graph is the tab that opens when you select Today x7569 s log.

765 Hours of Service Exhibit 95. Certify DVIR Entries and Repairs (continued) DVIR Record - Certify Tab - Certify tab [Exhibit 95]. Select this tab to certify the DVIR entry. x7577 Reported by: lists Driver ID and time and date of DVIR entry. x7577 .

765 Mail Exhibit 66. open Message Open Message Screen Select a message to open it [Exhibit 66]. Four action buttons are available once a message is open. x7577 (a). Back returns you to the Inbox. x7577 (b). Play lets you listen to the message. x7577 .

Getting Started Exhibit 9. on-screen Keyboard On-screen Keyboard The TND 765 on-screen keyboard is quick to access and easy to use. x7677 x7577 All controls are on the screen. x7577 Large button faces fit your fingers. To use the keyboard: x7577 .

765 Mail Exhibit 68. Send Messages Send Tab You can send messages from the Send tab [Exhibit 68]. The on-screen keyboard [Exhibit 68, (a)] appears automatically when you select the Send tab. Drop-down boxes [Exhibit 68, (b)] make it easy for you to complete the to and Subject fields.