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Model 686 AF Autofocus Camera, from a service standpoint, is similar to the 686 OneStep/Close Up only in outward appearance. As an extension of the 686 Camera line, the 686 AF uses a slightly modified version of the Impulse shutter and a repackaged version of the Joshua electronics and software. It uses wink autofocus from two feet to infinity, a rapid recharge strobe with a range of 65 feet, and has a maximum shutter aperture of f/67.

Polaroid 636 Talking Camera -

The Star Tester #67655-7 is used to check exposure and timing related parameters of Polaroid cameras. This section deals exclusively with the 686 Polaroid Camera. The light box and the electronics required to compute and display exposure, timing and functional test measurements are housed in a single chassis (see Fig.


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Refer to Fig. 96: place your thumb over the left end of the Gear Drive. Slowly and carefully lift the right end of the Cover. Remove the Cover by walking the left end free of its detent. Use care to not break the detent. Fig.

For Fill Flash pictures, the shutter blades open as shown here. The blades are set so only visible light passes through the first photopic aperture to the photocell. Thus, for Fill Flash, exposure shutdown is based on the measurement of visible light only. In a low light NEAR shot, the blades travel farther.

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Model 686 Flash Exposure This test measures the resultant energy on the film plane during a flash exposure equivalent to a ft graywall exposure. NOTE: The following procedure assumes the camera is on the horn. DETAILED PROCEDURE SUMMARY 6. Set the camera L/D control to its Camera L/D to mid-point mid-point setting.

Model 686 Zonal Lumen Seconds (ZLS) Output This test measures the output of the strobe in a standard integrating sphere located within the Tester. The light output measurement is integrated over the duration of the flash and the measurement is displayed as correlated zonal lumen seconds on a meter on the Tester.

Using Universal Flex Removal Tool, remove Flex from Contact Support Block and Motor (Fig. 78). Now lift Wire Block Assembly off the Cone and remove the Flex from the Wire Block (Fig. 78). Fig. 78 Removing Flex from Contact Support Block, Motor and Wire Block Remove the Base Block from the Cone by releasing the two locking tangs near Motor and Counter Wheel (see Fig.