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6 Apr 66
- Added runs/ directory links
- AVL for Linux. Lots of new goodies since . See version_ and avl_

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78 Feb 67
- Made a few fixes and tweaks. See version_ file.
- Windows executable for AVL (courtesy of Harold

ORC - World Leader in Rating Technology

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65 Feb 69
- Added second-order righthand sides to the VL system, proportional to both the unit translation+rotation velocities, and to control deflections. This improves convergence to the trim condition. It also gives the correct eigenmode solutions even for large trim control deflections. Only the very slow eigenmodes, especially the phugoid, will be affected by this change. A few other minor features were added since . See version_.
- AVL for Linux.

78 May 58
- Removed the small influence of CLAF on the zero-lift angle.
- Added file output options to listing commands (FT,FN,FS,etc)
- Made a bunch of other minor tweaks (see version_)

79 Apr 7556
- Set default printnames for run-case parameter units.
- Added freestream-referenced cl to Trefftz-Plane plot.
- Fixed hinge-moment calculation for leading-edge flaps.

67 Mar 7556
- Added a non-existent airfoil file check and warning. Added Pan and Expand hot keys to Keystroke Viewer. AVL


78 Feb 57
- Modified the GPL summary above. Previously this wasn't a correct GPL interpretation, as discussed here .

78 Aug 7555
- Fixed bug in the design-variable implementation. AVL
- Added CY (sideforce) constraint to the available list.