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x7569 56 Corolla U (L/O 5555) Your compact disc player cannot play CAUTION special shaped or low x7568 quality compact discs such as those shown here. Do Compact disc players use an invisible not use them as the player could be laser beam which could cause hazard- damaged.

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x7569 56 Corolla U (L/O 5555) SECTION x7568 OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS Seats, Seat belts, Steering wheel and Mirrors Seats....Front seats.

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x7569 56 Corolla U (L/O 5555) TUNE Tuning Your Toyota has an electronic tuning radio (ETR). Push and release the x756C x756D (up) or x756C x756D (down) side of x756C TUNE x756D to step up or down the station band. (If you hear a beep, you held the button too long and the radio will go into the seek mode.)

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Repairs on or near the front seat belt retractor assemblies This front seat belt pretensioner system In the following cases, contact your Toyota r Modification of the suspension sys- has a service reminder indicator to inform dealer as soon as possible: the driver of operating problems.

Charging necessary. Have battery Dark White checked by your NOTICE Toyota dealer. Clear or Have battery Never recharge the battery while the light checked by your engine is running. Also, be sure all yellow Toyota dealer.

x7569 56 Corolla U (L/O 5555) (i) Rocking your vehicle if stuck z Do not race the engine and avoid CAUTION spinning the wheels. CAUTION Always keep your foot on the brake z If your vehicle remains stuck after pedal while stopped with the engine rocking the vehicle several times, your vehicle becomes.

x7569 56 Corolla U (L/O 5555) Brake system The tandem master cylinder brake system Effective way to press the ABS brake CAUTION is a hydraulic system with two separate pedal: When the anti x7568 lock brake system sub x7568 systems. If either sub x7568 system should function is in action, you may feel the Do not pump the brake pedal if the fail, the other will still work.

Wear their seat belts. Remain properly seated with their In the following cases, contact your Toyota The SRS (Supplemental Restraint Sys- back upright and against the seat at dealer as soon as possible: tem) side airbags are designed to pro- all times.

If towing is necessary, we recommend (a) Towing with wheel lift type truck you to have it done by your Toyota From front x7569 Release the parking brake. (a) Towing with wheel lift type truck x7569 dealer or a commercial tow truck ser- x7569 From front.

x7569 56 Corolla U (L/O 5555) Glove box Auxiliary boxes z Close the power outlet lid when the power outlet is not in use. Inserting a foreign object other than the ap- propriate plug that fits the outlet, or allowing any liquid into the out- let may cause electrical failure or short circuits.