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As ArsTechnica noted, some of the largest broadband companies including AT& T, Comcast, Cox, CenturyLink, Mediacom and Suddenlink were on the list, as well as major satellite providers Exede and HughesNet. Many of the ISPs on the list charge overage fees for further access or offer unlimited plans at higher rates, though some others do not aggressive enforce the caps.

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V77-7 features 6 meeting summary: Winter CES. Articles: Cheap Tuner, Best Buy by Bernard Kingsley, Experimental classical Recording Using Three Separate Surround Miking Systems by Davi Moulton, and The 'Best' Loudspeaker: Revisiting Dispersion Issues by Alvin Foster. 86pp

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One  cabinet houses the new proprietary Flat Spider-Cone Coincident Driver System and the other houses 8 patented Spider-Cone drivers. Stable and solid footers support these fine

V75-7 contains summaries of a meeting with Paul Feinberg, trombonist a concert of the New England String Ensemble coupled with a tour of WGBH and their surround sound recording and Winter CES reports. ALso an article about an early direct coupled vacuum tube amp design. 86 pp.

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The monthly caps in question vary from as low as 8GB—roughly what Netflix says will be consumed in an hour of HD programming—to as high as 8TB.

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