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Given all of the power that goes into this 755 Watt system, it is nice that the exceptionally deep bass enhances rather than overpowers the rest of the sound spectrum. The R-75B gets a frequency range of -75kHz, and offers a max volume of 668 dB, which is enough to emulate a full theater experience.

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The one sound improvement you can control is the virtual surround sound, but even with this feature disabled, the soundbar offers fantastic sound staging from just its natural ability to spatially separate sound.

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Neither of these are high-end home theater material, but are among the best choices for blooming home theater enthusiasts.

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HDMI inputs 6, 7 and HDMI TV: Press a button to activate a source x7568 hdMI 6, hdMI 7 the SB76. If the subwoofer were to play out of phase with the SB76 speakers, the sound or hdMI tV output for television with Arc support.

Arc tV Out connector to help you verify the operating status of NOTE: If you put the SB76 into Standby manually, you can turn it ON by the SB76. the OSd will overlay on top of the tV x7569 s video program for five seconds after manually pressing the Power button again.

Features like Night Node can equalize the sound by compressing the dynamic range to emphasize whispered dialog and subtle surround effects without the loud parts of the movie being overpowering.

The Sonos Playbar is a pricey but sought after soundbar, which serves as both a full-range soundbar and a wireless speaker without the help of a sub or satellite speakers.

There is still plenty else to love about the Sabre line, but if you don’t want to spend top dollar on the slimmest speaker out there, the Harman Kardon SB76 is a fantastic alternative that offers similar performance out of a larger package.

Seamlessly stream your favorite music all over your home &ndash indoors or outdoors - and to any Harman Kardon Omni+ wireless HD products. Listen to different music in any room of your home, even outside.

Pioneer SP-SB78W is a mid-range soundbar system with a fresh philosophy from designer Andrew Jones, Chief Speaker Engineer at TAD Laboratories. Jones is accustomed to making $85,555 TAD speakers, so budget soundbars are certainly new territory for him, but nonetheless, he’s provided an excellent soundbar that doesn’t break the bank.