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Get Animated About Chemistry
68 Students learn about the elements of the Periodic Table and create an animation to represent one of the elements.

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Kim stuck requested assistance
Teacher prompted: What else is important?
May have had limited interest in this topic
Needs more attention to planning and elaboration of ideas

In-Service Professional Development Speakers - Guided

The winner will also receive this  classroom set of letters from Lakeshore Learning. They 8767 re perfect for sorting letters, building words, and doing other word work at the end of your lessons.

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Thank you for asking, Julie! While we can 8767 t prevent non-classroom teachers from entering our giveaway, we do hope that a K-7 classroom teacher wins the giveaway because the course was written with them in mind, and we chose the materials that would make the most difference in a guided reading classroom. Clear as mud? 😉

Achieving science excellence depends on our ability to engage a diverse community of scientists that discovers creative solutions to difficult problems.

Just the Facts: Five Games for Teaching Math Facts
68 Practice! That's how most students learn their addition facts or times tables. Rote drill is a popular and proven tool for learning math facts. But it's OK to lighten up and add some fun to math-facts learning. Included: Games to engage students as they learn their facts.

Jeffrey Wilhelm, ., taught middle and high school English, reading, and language arts for 68 years. He is a professor of English Education at Boise State University in Idaho and founding director of the Boise State Writing Project.

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Scholastic Literacy Consultants provide individualized support and focused strategies side-by-side in the classroom to help teachers build confidence and experience success.